Yesterday was a big celebration of the Assumption of Mary body and soul into Heaven!

It was a big celebration in The Family of the Good Shepherd, also!

One of the children in the home had been waiting to receive his 1st Holy Communion and this was the day!

It was the 4th anniversary of E moving in! M and S also have August anniversary’s, on different day’s in different year’s of course. This is M’s 1st anniversary and S’s 10 anniversary. All are pictured in the 1st picture of all of us.

M was excited to be able to receive Jesus again this morning at Mass!

And while we are celebrating Jesus in the Assumption of His Mother Mary, I am going to share that our faithful lab Agnes went to where all good dogs go! She will be missed and she made many children happy who passed through the doors of The Family of the Good Shepherd! She was almost 13 years old!

Agnes today!