With permission of the Bishop of the Grand Island Diocese the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is a de facto private association of the faithful; Society of Apostolic Life. See Canons: 210-215,299,321,731,734

Mass and Eucharistic Adoration are the heartbeat of the community and ministry.  We are faithful to the teaching and magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

We live, pray and have meals in common.  In time we will wear a Religious habit.

We have permission to accept inquires and those who feel they may be called to espouse Christ as a Religious Sister and serve His children in need of a safe home to live in.  We are following the steps and guidelines set up by Canon Law in the process of developing into a Religious Community according to the will of Our Lord.

We also have some wonderful lay people who assist us in our ministry to children.

Contact us to find out more information about our community and our work with children.


“Chastity for the Kingdom of Heaven shows how affectivity has its place in mature freedom and becomes a sign of the future world, to make God’s primacy shine always. But, please, a “fecund” chastity, a chastity that generates spiritual children in the Church. The consecrated woman is mother, she must be a mother and not a “spinster!” Excuse me if I speak this way, but this maternity, this fecundity of consecrated life is important! May this joy of spiritual fecundity animate your existence. Be mothers, as the figure of Mother Mary and of the Mother Church.” – Pope Francis