It takes effort to raise good Christian Children. Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

I see and talk to many parents who just let their child/children do whatever they want. They don’t train their children at all. This does not build a solid foundation for adulthood. It doesn’t build a solid foundation for Christian Life. In order for our children to grow up to be good responsible, happy, peaceful Christians; we have to train them. Are they always going to like the training, no, is it well worth the time and effort Yes. I have also met parents who are trying to raise good Christian Children. Some know how and others need help and guidance along the way.

Children can learn to be polite, and respectful to all including the family they are born into. One does this by expecting, teaching and being respectful. Yes, parents have to guide and correct their children while connecting with them. None of us is just automatically good. We have to be schooled in it and learn it. How does one do this by teaching and insisting the child do things the right way. To let them practice and as they learn, when they choose not to make good decisions we correct them and have them try again the right way.

Children are not going to just follow the 10 Commandments. They have to be taught over time, age appropriately to follow the way of the Lord. They learn by watching us, and by our guidance of their behavior.

On September 8th we celebrate the birthday of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Mary was raised by parents, taught how to behave and be a good Jewish girl; familiar with the Scripture. (Of course only the Old Testament then.) She grew up and became the Mother of Jesus. Scripture says Jesus lived with Mary and Joseph and was obedient to them. (See Luke 2:51) He was thought to be a carpenter, the son of Joseph.(Matt. 13:55)

The Lord Jesus honored His Father and Mother and was obedient to them. It is important for the children to learn manners, good study and work habits, healthy eating, and respect. This will take them a long way in life and help them to be happy in the life to come. If they can’t follow directions in home or out of home, they are not going to be able to follow the way of the Lord. Show your children you love them, teach them, Correct and Connect, love and nurture!

Have a Blessed Week!