Earlier this week was the celebration of Daughters day and then Sons day. There were many posts with pictures of people’s sons and daughters!

I of course am a daughter of the Father, as a Baptized Catholic. I am also daughter of my parents, now both deceased. I was blessed that my heavenly Father gave me the parents He did and I know they felt blest to have been given me as their daughter.

In my adult lifetime, while I do not have any biological children, I am in Consecrated Life, however, I have had many sons and daughters that I raised for part of their life. After my dad died I became a foster parent to help my mom with the children in the home that she and my dad ran. As a missionary I was often a teacher. I fully understand how a teacher comes to care for the children in her class as “hers” even though they go home every day.

I was houseparent and Co Ordinator of Residential services at a home for pregnant teens and teen moms.

Today I run and serve children who live in The Family of the Good Shepherd, Inc. A home for children in need. The Family of the Good Shepherd, Inc was founded in June 2009 and opened her doors to the first children in May 2010. I have housed and served a variety of children from respite children, (children in foster care or adopted who’s parents need someone to keep the child for the weekend, etc.) to foster children to private placement. Most of the children who have been my son or daughter for a time have either returned home to their parent(s) or been adopted. Some of the children have remained in the home and I have guardianship of him/her. These are children who are not available for adoption and are not able to return home. At this time I have three children in guardianship. He/She is son/daughter to the biological parent(s) and son/daughter to me.

It is a joyful gift to have a son or daughter, even if they are not my own, to be able to share in their life as they share in mine.

Children are a gift from the Lord and it is a joyful gift to be able to say the Lord has given me many, many sons and daughters!