April 25 is a day set for prayer for Vocations worldwide. For all vocations: Priesthood, Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons and Laity(married and single)

My vocation is Consecrated life according to Cannon Law 210-215,299,321,731,734. I renew my private vows on July 16th. I pray that this will grow into a community of women whose ministry is to care for children in need. In a big way this ministry provides a safe home for children in need. With other women this could grow to serve other children in other areas, in homes, schools medical field, etc. There are many ways to serve children in need. The focus is Jesus the Good Shepherd, who provides such good care to His children. My mother also servers as a Consecrated Widow.

We use this prayer to Jesus the Good Shepherd for Vocations:



Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd.
You know each of us
and you call us by name
to serve in faith.
Help us respond generously to Your voice.
Give courage and guidance
to those You call to the priesthood
and the diaconate,
to religious life and lay ministry,
so they may respond wholeheartedly
and serve devotedly.
We ask this
through Christ our Lord.